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Since 2013, SOODI BASPAR company has been importing IML containers in various fields of food industry, especially dairies , under the name of SOODI Trading, in parallel with the expansion of the culture of consumption of containers in Iran. Also, in line with organizational planning, in 2013, SOODI BASPAR company was launched with the aim of manufacturing domestic products and has purchased complete machinery and equipment for the production line of IML containers. With the help of God, this collection has been growing since the beginning and continuously adds to the number of its production lines every year.

It should be noted that at the end of 1403, the number of production lines of this company will be more than 40 lines with 33 different molds in different shapes and sizes (including doors and bodies), which is based on the needs of the domestic market and also the export markets.
​​​​​​​ Based on the existing machines and molds, the monthly production capacity of 25 million pieces of IML containers has been implemented and according to the plans made by the end of 1402, this number will increase to 30 million containers.​​​​​​



IML stands for In Mold Labeling and is a type of in-mold labeling method, in which a pre-prepared label is placed inside the mold. Plastic materials are heated and at the same time as the product is formed in the mold, the label, which has the same materials as the container itself, is integrated with it and becomes one with the product. The technology of affixing a label in a mold or IML is one of the most popular methods of gluing. The label is for plastic containers. By injecting molten plastic materials into the mold, the label and the plastic container are integrated, and the label cannot be separated from the body of the container in any way.

What is IML? How are IML containers produced?


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The Participation of Soodi Bespar company in the 30th international exhibition of printing , packaging and related machinery

The Participation of Soodi Bespar company in the 29​​​​​​​th international exhibition of printing , packaging and related machinery​​​​​​​

The participation of the Soodi Baspar company in the food, plastic and printing-packaging exhibition in IRAQ

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