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SoodiBaspar Company, since 2004 under the name of Soodi Trading, along with the expansion of the consumption of IML production containers, has been importing containers for food packaging (dairy) from Turkey.
In 1389, with the formation and registration of Soodi Baspar Company, considering the capability and self-confidence of Iran, and in order to reduce the time, cost and price of the order, it launched a production line of 500 g containers with 5-sided labeling capability. Abbasabad Tehran was put into operation
Until 1994, with the construction, commissioning and production of 11 containers in the form of doors and bodies (22 molds), we have been able to carry the burden of our country's production by creating jobs, thanks to God, and now we have the ability to set up a production line of 4 containers per year. Door and body)
Iranians have always and everywhere been able and we can also be one of the leading producers in the region
Labeling inside the mold: IML: IN MOLD LEABLE
Advantages of using IML containers:Containers produced by IML method are of great importance for brand owners in various fields of production because attracting the attention of consumers and buyers at first glance helps to sell the product.


The advantages of using IML containers are as follows:

1. Complete sealing of containers
2. High print quality and eye-catching transparency
3. Resistance to air penetration and high resistance to pollution