IML containers

    IML containers

    IML containers

    IML containers

    IML containers : The IML in the word means the labeling on the cookware , which stands for the English word in Modeling Labeling . In fact , these labels have to be in a way that is inseparable from itself .
    The first stage for this label is to produce label – sized labels in the desired dish and then add plastic material that is integrated with the tagged tag so that they are not separated from each other at all .
    Of course , this should be taken into account that there is no specific restrictions on the type of matter ( plastic or metal etc. ) .

    IML containers

    The steps of this process are as follows:

    First, the desired label is designed.

    These labels are then inserted into the desired templates by devices.

    These labels are attached to the mold by electrical forces.

    Then, the desired material for the container, which can be molten plastic or molten metal, enters the mold to be fixed with the label. Finally, the container with which the label is fully integrated is separated by devices and the next label enters the mold. Becomes.

    Advantages of using these dishes:

    In today’s era where advertising has a great impact on product sales, these dishes will play an important role in advertising.

    These containers not only provide complete protection of the product inside but also are very easy to move.

    Another advantage of using these dishes can be that it is designed based on the customer’s taste and its color, shape and image will attract more customers.

    Another important advantage of these dishes that is highly regarded today is that after the contents of these dishes can be discarded and used for other purposes.

    Finally, it can be mentioned that the use of these dishes is very economical in terms of price.

    And many companies and centers use IML containers to brand their work and activities. In this way, these companies in their large and small ceremonies try to make the design and strap last by printing their logo design on the containers. They have their own minds.

    And in recent years, branding in this way has been very much considered by companies and that is why the number of people interested in these dishes has increased over the years.


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